We’ve helped at more than 34 catastrophe and storm events.

Events like these can see home owners without a place to live due to the major loss caused, and it is RPF’s main priority to assist in having homes restored to pre-storm state as quickly as possible.

We have extremely experienced supervisors dedicated to the repairs, who will ensure all standards are met throughout the entire repair process.

The management team at RPF brings together in excess of 80 years of natural disaster management, covering floods, fires, cyclones and earthquakes. The RPF event team can be on the ground and have the recovery process underway within 24 hours of an event. RPF have attended and successfully managed 34 natural disasters over the past 29 years. RPF Building has completed over 2800 major natural disaster repairs with an average time frame from start to completion of 45 days, at an average cost of $80,000 per job. This makes RPF Building a reliable, experienced builder in disaster recovery.

RPF Building offers a comprehensive, complete service, including:

  • make safes
  • initial inspection and assessment
  • reporting
  • detailed easy to read quoting
  • demolition and strip outs
  • sanitising
  • rebuilding
  • joint audit and sign off.

Once approved, our in-house building supervisors are appointed to coordinate all your repairs from start to finish ensuring all stakeholders are kept informed throughout the entire repair process. RPF also utilise local trades and source materials from local businesses where available.